Benefits of Drinking Lemon Stew


Oranges have many types and all have very good health benefits, including lemon. As is well known, many benefits of lemon for beauty, health, and the kitchen by utilizing the properties in the juice even the skin. Lemon is a source of vitamins, especially vitamin C, flavonoids, calcium and other ingredients that are beneficial for health. In this article, we will review the benefits of lemon stew for health, as follows:

1. Increase body metabolism

Smooth body metabolism will make it easier for the body to release nutrients that are not needed in the body such as cholesterol, bad fats and others. Lemon stew contains a lot of magnesium and potassium, which is very good for increasing metabolism in the body.

2. Helps in losing weight

With a smooth metabolism, it can also indirectly help you lose weight because it burns fat and calories. The benefits of lemon water for health are also rich in pectin fiber which can help with hunger so it is suitable for consumption during a diet.

3. Smooth the digestive system

Efficacy of lemon cooking water can also be used to clean substances that interfere with the digestive tract and can interfere with health. By consuming lemon stew every morning after waking up can help clean up the waste in the digestive tract through bowel movements.

4. Overcoming toxic buildup

With the benefits of lemon stew can also help detoxify the body more optimally. Lemon decoction has nitric acid which can increase the work of enzymes that control detoxification in the body, so that toxins in the body can be handled properly.

5. Improve the body's immune system

Lemon is a fruit that is high in vitamin C which is a high antioxidant good for boosting immunity. One of the benefits of lemon fruit for the whole body by consuming stew can increase the body's immunity, so it will not be susceptible to disease.

6. Prevent constipation

The high acid content in lemon stew and its efficacy in promoting digestion, can certainly prevent constipation. So by drinking lemon decoction every day can launch a bowel movement and prevent constipation.

7. Helps cure fever

Antioxidants from high vitamin C contained in lemon stew are needed by the body when endurance decreases and when sick. With that, consume lemon stew when fever is very effective to help restore the body's condition and increase endurance.

8. Prevent bad breath

In addition to the benefits of lemon for the face, lemon cooking water can also prevent bad breath which can reduce self-confidence. The acid from lemon in boiled water can cleanse bacteria in the mouth and keep breath fresh without smell.

9. Increases body energy

The amount of cvitamin and mineral in lemon juice is effective to increase and increase energy. With the content the body will feel fresh throughout the day and more eager to work.

10. Prevent hypertension

With lemon stew, not only do you get the benefits of lemon juice but also the benefits of lemon peel. Lemon cooking water can relieve blood pressure, maintain brain function, prevent stress also help improve the quality of sleep which can increase the risk of hypertension.

Thus information about the benefits of lemon decoction which turned out to be very efficacious to maintain and improve body health. May be useful

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